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Computer hackers in fairyland

Snow White And The Seven Samurai - Tom Holt

With a title like this, I just had to buy the book. In this world, fairy tales are all part of one universe, made possible by the Mirrors 3.1 system governed by the Evil Queen. Two teenage hackers break into the system, crash it and then everything starts to go very, very wrong.


The diverse range of the plot is incredible. You have traditional Arne-Thompson classified tales such as Snow White and Beauty and the Beast, mixed with The Wind in the Willows, Dragons and even a H.P Lovecraft reference. It hilariously plays on the tropes of various genres; the characteristics that make characters stock and therefore controllable, as well as being a reflection on technology.


It was clever, and enjoyable but did boarder on a little too much technicality. However it’s a wonderfully unique novel that deserves reading.

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