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The power of words

Lexicon - Max Barry

Lexicon is once again a novel I picked up on a whim. The summary was vague but interesting, so I wasn’t expecting it to be as marvellous as it was. As can be judged by the title, language is the plot of the story. Emily is recruited from the streets by an organisation who use words like no other; they persuade people by understanding how the mind processes language. Those who can master this skill are known as poets, and with their mastery they are given the name of a famous poet. We come across Eliot, Plath, Woolf, Yeats and Bronte during the course of the novel.


The imagination that has gone into this work is brilliant, and the characters are real and engrossing. I did guess what was happening at points, but this didn’t detract from the story. In fact, it made me want to understand and find out exactly what had occurred.


I thoroughly recommend this novel, it’s a brilliant read.

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