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An intelligent action thriller

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson

Snow Crash is one of the most intelligent plots I’ve ever come across. It reminded me of Ready Player One, a favourite of mine. It’s set in world where Reality and the Metaverse (virtual reality) are almost interchangeable; where a new drug distributed in the Metaverse reaches through your computer avatar and damages your real self.


It’s a hilarious read at times; pizza delivery is a life-or-death franchise run by the mafia. It is also action packed, which was in my opinion its downfall. I got bored of the many battle and chase scenes littered throughout the novel. However the central plot line surrounding the creation of language, religion and human society was fantastic. The novel is worth reading for that alone. The characters are also a strong point. Y.T is my favourite; however all of them are wonderful in their own rights.


Despite my dislike of the action sequences, this novel was a good read. I recommend it.

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