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Futuristic Fairytale

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) - Marissa Meyer

I’ll admit, as soon as I saw ‘cyborg Cinderella’ I had to read this book. It’s a clever twist on the classic tale, set in New Beijing where Cyborgs are looked on as sub human. The people of Earth are in a near war state with the Lunar, who use telepathy to control their people. Combined with this, a plague is sweeping the planet, that’s lethal to all who contract it. Cinder is a cyborg mechanic, forced to work by her step-mother, who blames her for the death of her husband. Cinder is approached by Prince Kai, the son of the Emperor to fix an android containing highly confidential information; which is where the story starts.


This is a trilogy, all of which are published; which helps as this novel ends on one heck of a cliff-hanger. It does drag a little in the middle, but all in all it’s a good novel, and I will be reading the next in the series.

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