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The Rosie Project (Hardback) - Graeme Simsion

Romance isn’t straightforward, and neither are people. This book is about falling in love when your version of love isn’t recognised by society as ‘normal.’ It’s strongly suggested that Don has Asperger’s syndrome, and through his eyes we see the development of The Wife Project, The Father Project and The Rosie Project.


At first I wasn’t sure about this, and I didn’t find it comedic in any way. After the first few chapters though, I raced through it and found it charming rather than funny. Don’s take on social situations, romantic relationships and his interactions with Rosie are written wonderfully, drawing you completely into his mind set and way of thinking.


Of course the ultimate message of this novel is there’s no such thing as normal. Just because others don’t understand your relationship, take on love and perspective doesn’t mean its any less real or important. The novel leaves you satisfied with a smile on your face. A perfect pick-me-up.

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