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The World's Wife: Poems - Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy can use words like no other. In July last year I heard her read at Latitude festival; there’s just something incredible about hearing a poet voicing their work. She’s always had an ability to reach me though her poetry. I’m not usually a fan of verse, and find it hard to connect with. Rapture was the first collection of poetry to truly have meaning for me. She captures life in words


This collection brilliantly imagines the feelings, words and circumstances of notable figure’s wives and famous women. It gives a voice to many never have one, such as Anne Hathaway. This is probably one of my favourites, picking up on largely debated meaning of Shakespeare’s will. I also liked the voice of ‘Mrs Beast,’ who pities those who marry a human prince. ‘Mrs Darwin’ is hilarious and to the point, and ‘Pope Joan’ is a stark expression gender inequality.


Although I personally prefer Rapture, this is a fantastic collection.

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