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One for science fiction fans

Fantastic Voyage - Isaac Asimov

This book interested me more because of its origins than its plot, although the plot is reasonably interesting. Asimov created this story using the screenplay of the 1966 film; but was permitted to write it how he wished, as the film is full of plot holes.


It does read like a script. The characters are stock and two dimensional, bordering on cliché: the token female scientist who is smart but hysterical, beautiful and needs rescuing. The military agent ex- football player who puts on a jock exterior, but secretly studied science at university, and manages to charm the female scientist despite her original lack of interest. The lead scientist who is more interested in his work than people, and the secret villain who is not revealed until the end.  It also follows a rather formulaic plotline, which works fine in film but leaves a novel lacking.


Despite this, I do like Asimov’s take on the script and his writing style is as wonderful as ever. His description of the internal workings of the human body has a quality of the uncanny, and is positively terrifying at times.  


It’s worth a read for science fiction and Asimov fans.

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