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Reading Resolutions for 2014

So, as it's the 1st of January 2014, I'm writing up my reading resolutions for the year. This way there's proof I said I'd do something so I'll actually stick to it (maybe? well here goes anyway).


I've signed up for a reading challenge on here, and set myself the target of reading 100 books. I don't know how many books I usually read in a year, but this sounds like a good number to aim for.


I will also try and stop limiting myself to reading mainly science fiction and fantasy. I spent four years studying literature, and after that I think my mind wanted a break, so went into comfort reading overdrive. However, it's been just under two and a half years since I finished, and I feel this year it's time to start reading like I used to. I want to get back to that, and I am excited to start this in 2014.


I will also aim to read more manga. But again, not restricting myself to reading too much of it (yeah, I really can see myself doing that if I'm not careful), as I've missed it recently.


So there we have it. 100 books as a minimum and reading different genres, while reviewing and writing up my progress along the way.


And to finish, pretty pictures of a gorgeous book shop I visited over the Christmas holidays:



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