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Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened - Allie Brosh

I think anything I write about this book will fall short in explaining just how wonderful it is. It is a genuinely funny, sad, real and personal book, simply about things that make up life.


I first started reading this in what was probably the worst place, as when I read "the three most disturbing words" in 'Warning Signs' I couldn't stop laughing. Allie Brosh is able to capture so much emotion in her story telling and images that even if you have no experience of the situation, you can imagine it happening to you.


The best example of this, and the reason I bought this book are the pieces 'Depression part 1 and 2.' I read these on her blog first, and think it's probably one the best accounts of depression I've read. Even if you don't read the entire book, just read these. They go a long way to helping remove stigma, and create understanding about depression. The part that I always go back to is the 'your hair is spiders, everything is spiders' image. This simple image personally gave me more insight into depression than I've ever had before. And for that, I am extremely grateful.


My other favourites are of course, The God of Cake because I'm pretty sure I've done something similar as a child, and Dinosaur (the goose story). Because geese are evil. 


I could ramble on more about the brilliance of this book, but I will leave it at this. I highly recommend this book, and every piece in it.

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