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The Many-Coloured Land: Saga of the Exiles: Book One: Saga of the Exiles: Book One. Trade Paperback (Saga of the Exiles 1) - Julian May

I was recommended this series by a sci-fi veteran at work, after she saw me reading The Culture Series. I was not disappointed.


It takes a while to really get into this novel. A slew of unique and highly developed characters are introduced one after the other, and it takes a little while to get your head around who is who. Combined with understanding why they are wishing to travel back to the Pliocene Era, and immersing yourself into the future of the Galactic Mileu, it takes a lot to get through the first part. However once you do, it’s all consuming wonder land.


The Tanu are frighteningly fairy-like, with the torc motif, their otherworldly beauty and cruelty. I love the way that May has combined folk law and science fiction into her world, yet still making it recognisable enough for us to still see the world as Earth. No character is left unexplored, and each one of them is perfectly rounded and interesting in their own right.


I will be reading the next in this series, and can’t wait to see what happens to the rest of Group Green in the second novel.

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