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A wonderful introduction

alex and ada 1 - luna

Set in a futuristic world, Alex receives a rather unwanted present from his grandmother; the most sophisticated android on the market. In the midst of recovering from a breakup, Alex receives Ada; life like in all aspects but void of a personality whatsoever. She responds to orders and doesn’t sleep, mimicking a person in a way that Alex finds both off-putting and sad.


Behind the scenes of this is the mention of a massacre committed by the first sentient android. Since then, no android on the market is self-aware; and there is constant fear by the public of another incident. Despite this, Alex is confused by Ada; and doesn’t feel its right to let her be as she is. Through investigation, Alex enables Ada to unlock her sentient self and gives her freedom of her mind.


It’s a great first comic; a lot packed into the first volume. I loved how much detail they manage to convey about Alex, his situation and his confusion about the place his find himself in. The storyline is intriguing, although not that original. The art is brilliant; I especially liked the scenes in the internet/forums.


I’ve already bought the next one, and can’t wait to read.

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