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Good plot, but not my type of story

Dreams and Shadows - C. Robert Cargill

I am torn about this novel. I liked the idea behind it; the folklore plot is always a favourite of mine. This is a dark twist on the often overdone plot line. There’s a lot of the violence and nasty side of the fae, which is often glanced over in well-known stories. I don’t think there are actually any fairy folk in the novel who have nice sides. Most are evil, or will bring humans to a sticky end; whether they mean to or not. I liked this nod to the traditional folklore.


I also liked how the children were represented. Both Ewan and Colby were taken, in one way or another, from their normal childhood and brought to the fairy realm. Both suffer greatly as adults. Instead of the story ending with them returning happy or enlightened, both are cursed and haunted by their experiences. It felt real, and I liked that.


What I hated, was how the novel tried after a while to become a morality tale. Thinly veiled religious teachings are suddenly flung upon you as you’re immersed in the story.


Personally, that’s not what I like and some of doctrine I actually disagree with strongly on a personal level. Which therefore pretty much ruined my enjoyment of the story.


I think if you like that aspect, can ignore it or aren’t bothered by it, this is definitely worth reading. But I won’t be picking up the next in the series, which is a shame.

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