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Apocalypse humour

Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut

The end of the world is approaching, and there’s very little we can do. Our destinies are written out before us, and all we can do is follow. That’s at least how it is in Cat’s Cradle. The novel is a witty, darkly humorous take on the apocalyptic literature that emerged during the Cold War. This begins, just like many of these with the creation of nuclear warfare, but ends in a rather different fashion. It’s far more fantastical, but questions our thoughts on humanity, governing philosophy and the nature of religion.


I could barely put this down, and raced through it in a few days. It switches so naturally from a dystopian post-war piece into science fiction and fantasy that it all doesn’t seem so entirely fantastical until you take a step back from it. Highly recommended.

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