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My Ford, the future is terrifying

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

A world without art. A world without religion. Without science, without love, without monogamy, without murder and without individual thought. Everyone is born to their station, artificially created into their job, their places in society and therefore their role. Everything is happy and as it should be, and if you feel sad you take the corresponding amount of a drug to make it go away. You do not have relationships or emotional attachments. Everyone belongs to everyone, and nothing is out of place.


This is genuinely disturbing piece and a quick read. The writing pace and description is excellently done, until the final part of the novel. I felt that the conversation between Mr Savage and the Controller was a little too lecture-style in comparison with the rest of the novel’s format.


All in all, one I would recommend to anyone. It’s more than worth its reputation and standing.

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