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Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel - Ben Aaronovitch

It’s been over a year in the waiting, but here we have the next Peter Grant novel. These are always a joy to read; fun, well-written and contain a fantastic comedic element that actually appeals to my sense of humour. I raced through this, enjoying Peter’s ‘escape to the country’. I did miss the London centric focus, but we’ll be getting that in the next of the series.


The story is interesting, hilarious and full of enough geek references to keep me happy and smiling. But in terms of the overall plot, the book fails to advance us in any direction at all. And considering where we left the last one, this is frustrating. I personally am far more interested in Nightingale, Molly and Leslie than I am in Peter’s love life.


So a good fantasy fairytale with a lot of classic lore. But if the next novel doesn’t progress the overall plotline, I don’t think I’ll be as keen on this series.

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