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Worth the hype

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

I usually avoid the bestsellers. I have a habit of hating them, of not understanding why so many people adore and promote them. But this time I gave in and bought it; the summary was intriguing and I was in a real novel slump.


I spent the first part interested enough. Her writing is very impressive and accessible; and the story had enough mystery to keep me going. I wanted to know what happened to Amy, and the obvious undertones of 'everyone is hiding something' was good enough to keep me turning the pages. I guessed that Nick had a mistress; that I saw coming from the start. By that point I was close to calling it quits. However I am glad I kept going.


Girl meets boy was a shock. I have to say it; while it was obvious that Amy was not what she seemed, that level of intensity and madness was completely unexpected. And brilliant. It was extreme, but real. I can see how a person being brought up in that environment could feel as if they had no identity, so simply assumed one. I think everyone at some point has felt that someone in their life has treated them badly, and gets away with it; or even gets rewarded. I know I have. But turning that feeling into Amy's precise, planned out vengeance is a brilliant feat of writing, and was done magnificently.


The ending left my stomach churning. The sign of good, dark story.

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